Friday, March 25, 2011

Forensicitis acute

I swear I want to write a post about my whole new DM life,but I can't find the right time. I did actually wrote, but I ended up not saving it as draft. Ok,silly me. I sleep more than I should! Yeah forensic making me tired! Eventhough all I did was nothing! It remind me a lot about anatomy. Hurm. So few things change, not too obvious but I did slept with my study lamp on x_X

Heard few unpleasant story. it's 'kamar mayat' for god sake. & we were waiting for cadaver almost everyday! *sigh. I'm acting strong. As strong as I can! With few doa accompany me everyday. Huu. New experience! Bt I didn't get chance to deal with cadaver yet. After all it's just a week. There's 3 more week to go! By 3 weeks I mean including the weekend! Yeah,as crazy as it sound. & oh btw, I'm wearing my spec to class today, & few days forward. Thank you to conjunctivitis acute. But damn,I still feel hawt. Hahah. Wtyl, take care! ♡

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Friday, March 18, 2011

for 76 weeks forward.

March 21st is the date where it all going to start. as much as i excited to start this whole DM's life, i still feels erm, scary? i do want to get this done on time, but looking at the schedule already make me wanna cry. i am in the group XXXVI. yes, the last group which going to start with forensick & end up in farmasi.

if you don't understand the schedule, let me explain it to you. it means, i'm going to spend the whole one year & a half without holiday! so dear Malaysia, do not. i repeat DO NOT MISS ME JUST YET! i warn you :( this year i'm going to RAYA at jombang *cry with me please* i don't mind if i have to raya here at Surabaya, at least i got my bff with me but why Jombang??? i really hope praying hard that IKM going to be nice & let us go back to Surabaya for raya. i already far from family :( my next holiday is on july 23rd. until august 3rd. this is another suckest part because i'm going to pass raya again at here *crying even more louder*. it was on fasting month! why can't they let us raya before we continue?? tsk. but again, since this going to be the last struggle, i will let it be.

why am i explain about holiday first anyway? =.=" my friends said that we were so lucky we don't have to go through big lab straight forward. at first i agree, but when i look at it, it means, i'm going to have exam every month! huff. i just afraid i'm not going to be able to digest everything in a month! omjayy, where are my positivity when i need it the most. *sigh. i can do this. & i'm going to grad on time. insyaAllah.

& it also means, i'm not going to be able to waste my time on mall with them anymore. 3 of us is in separate group. but at least they were in the same department. tsk. that's left me with the guy. he's my guy bestfriend lah. please don't asked anything stupid. it just weird =.=" i am soo going to miss those part. tsk. let's just hope we still have time to get together sometimes :( 

so, i am going to do this anyway, right? i'm going to be super duper busy working hard at this. i'm going to learn everything as much as possible. i'm going to do this well & i will become a doctor. if i don't, i still going to repeat & end up a doctor too. let's just leave me with the first option. huff. i just scared. i don't know where to begin. scared. scared. scaryyyyy!!!.& sometimes i hope,i don't woke up just yet.i am going to do this. aihh, writing this down doesn't make me feel any better :(

dear lovely friends & reader, just pray for me & my friend success. thank you :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'll always look back, as I walk away, this memory will last, for eternity :)

these are the person(s) who responsible for making yesterday another day i wanna remember my whole life! :D okay kasi ribbon orange because it's so-called my day :P

i don't know where to begin. i wanna reminiscing & write everything about yesterday. it felt so long since the last time we had a really great time laughing our arse off not worrying or cursing about anything! hahah. may be this is just the beginning of new life. so, the stress level still can be laughed at & we decided that we'll enjoy while we at it. as usual, let the picture do the talking ;

ok, sila jujur. ada rupa muka dewasa dah ke? atau makin matured mungkin? ok, xyah jujur, jawab ye je =.="

make over! hahah. macam sama ja. mungkin natural beauty lebih baik. hah.

eat & eat & eat & laugh & enjoying the non-stress day! :D

these two mysterious girl on that day! ♥

just random favourite picture of the day! :) 


Monday, March 14, 2011

Another day to be grateful! :)

i'm supposed to go to sleep as today i had a long long long (almost 12 hours)day out with my besties & tomorrow i got class at 7. but who am i kidding. i had the best time of mylife & i just can't say night to a random perfect day like today! so, here goes the appreciation post from me to all thoughtful wishes from everyone!

first of all, i would like to thank ALLAH, yang maha pemurah lagi maha penyayang for letting me live in this upside down awesome life of mine for twenty-third year! :)

this is the bestest birthday vclip song ever dedicated to me! aww. org yang bagi haruslah sweet untuk orang yg lagi super duper sweet! :D

& still going! awesome. it's not like everyday you got 100++ wall post :P hahah. i seriously hope i did reply to each of them.actually it's more. but i captured it on 143th post :P

for all SMS(s) early in the morning. yes as early as 12 to 2am!
for all bbm(s). few new request special on my birthday! hahah. JK.
for all fb inbox just because i hide my wall from you guys. ok, i kindda felt a bit guilty looking at how you still wanna wish my birthday. hehs.
for all post(s) on blog dedicated to me! i just read two. is there more. IS THERE?? =.="
for all tweets mentioning @saffyluvv for her birthday.
for everyone's wishes & doa for me today. i am thankful really from the bottom of my heart. SERIOUSly touching ^,^y

special thanks to awesomeness best friend in the world. (ok, yg lain pn best) but special case on these 4. you guys really made my day! CONGRATULATIONS! xD & that, is another post to be wrote. LATER.

i am the most happiest & grateful person with where i stand right now. Alhamdulillah :)
i just need to shout again; THANK YOU EVERYONE!
so let's enjoy whatever day left before we start our DM on march 21st!. LOVELY NIGHT READERS.
I LOVE YOU. YES, I DO! 143 ;)

p.s : just figured out that my birthday is on the same date with noh hujan! again, i am the most happiest person alive! hahah.

Friday, March 11, 2011

So, this is how my graduation picture on the certificate looked like...

DAMN! Right? X_x

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Alhamdulillah :)

We did it again. I am the most grateful person alive! :D Thank you Allah for letting everysinglethings happen according to plan. Hopefully You'll guide & bless me through the end. Aminnn :)

Yes.I'm talking about pradik! Ya ampun,tawu tak perasaan masa die umumkan tu adalah lebih cuak dari yudisium! Tsk. Alhamdulillah we did it with flying colours :D

& so we should have our one week of resting before we starts our DM posting. But PBhelL always know how to ruin everything. So, to compus we go Thursday, Friday & even Saturday! Ohmyy. & another test on March 15th! Jalani aja deh, dengan senyuman :)

Was about to upload the happy face of us after majlis penutupan pradik but then received this sms from khadat "Safy.tenet bangang la.ak xleh bkk mail.msk pndrive ja k?besk bg.tskk."
So I guess tomorrow will do. Hee. For today just enjoy this gedikness picture of me!


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Monday, March 7, 2011

Pradik Day 1

So,I started my pra-pendidikan dokter muda today. & it was aweesssooommmeee NOT! Especially when they talked about management. Hello? But our evening lecturer did make an awesome impression! We had so much laugh enjoying the joke about life! He teaches us about the important of smiles & be good to everyone eventhough how bad she was & remember to always be nice. This life you lead is about how your relationship with Allah & how you treat other. & the most important lesson is; JANGAN MUDAH TERASA HATI! (Noted!). After all, Allah know what best for you. KARMA's a bitch only if you are. So,before you blame others, point finger to yourself first. If you want people to treat you nice, ACT LIKE ONE! & the class ended with this song. Always motivated me everytime listening to it ;)

"Syukuri apa yang ada, hidup adalah anugerah.
Tetap jalani hidup ini, melakukan yang terbaik :)"

& today I brought home this ;

My DM uniform! & The Convocation robes! Graduation in a month time! Starting my count up now, can i? *wink. No wonder I feel less homesick, the family will be here sooonnnn! ;)
So, I think that's it for now. This young doctor has a busy life to live. Take care lovely people! Have a heart that never hate ♡


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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Busy bee.

Our pradik's opening ceremony done last monday. But my pradik starts nextweek, march 7th. Just incase you don't know pradik stands for pra-pendidikan-dokter-muda. Is it? Not sure about that. But we have to attend & pass this,then only we can starts our DM(dokter muda) posting.

Well, in between times, I have sooo much to do!
‎​:: Jilid buku. Yes, my 7th semester book. Haa, dulu reti lari balik Malaysia terus tak buat siapsiap (⌣_⌣")
‎​:: I need tailor. My DM uniform! Wisuda's kebaya! Hopefully everything done before time *fingercross*
‎​:: Movie marathon! Hahaahahah. Yes,somehow this point keep me busy. Tsk
:: I need to relax & treat myself! Spa,Pedi,ZAP,shooping, vacation would be nice. Wanted to go to Bali, but it seems impossible :(

Huff, I think that's all for now. Dunno why I upload this picta along. Just thought of updating the blog in the middle of rearrange the notes. Yes, flexible me!

Take care, tata! ♡

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