Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is what surgery did to me!

No, I'm not talking about the things I'm holding ƪ(Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡)ʃ , I'm talking about the bag my eyes carry. (●̮̮_●̮̮)

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

My First Artwork!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

here's for the truth.

i'm tired. super extremely tired! it's been a week since i entered surgical department. & to 7th weeks to go, here will i be. so-called HELL of RSUD Dr. Soetomo (the name of the hospital)

to be more dramatic, they separate us into few small group & i, as my name was the last on the list of 2007's DM, so i have to be grouped with my other batch mate & the other two progsus DM from '95 & '06. i don't mind that. NO, at first i do mind. it stressed me up to be separated from my other groupmate. it was suck as we all think that progsus student will give us problem. yes, all the groupmate think that way! i know, mean me, for not giving it a chance, but i speak from experience!

so the hell week begin. but then, i spoke too soon. it's not as bad as i thought it would be, as our other's 06 DM is nice to us. but at first, i become all emo. my other groupmate aka my wingman asik kene marah je. yes, i put the blame on him & i keep on emo not wanted to talk to him & so on. I am on my highest level of stress! but then, it end up fantabulously okay. i love my job! that was what this supposed to be right? so job first, emotion later. buang yang keruh, sedut paksa amik yang jernih. walaupon air kat Surabaya ni takde yang jernih pon #patdd.

& along the way, i wonder why do some people always think when i'm all emo, it must be her. seriously dude, we don't even talked. & now, you making me scared to even start! how in the heart should i be all emo to you? i'm too busy to care. but yes, if i did hurt you with my words or so, i'm sorry. truly. it would be the last thing i want to do, dragging other people into my unstable emotion. 

I thank god he send them to me. especially him. hahah. no one ever stand up to me like my friends did! i'm not gonna apologize to him as i know i'm going to do it again & again. gahahah.
well, let's just pray my other 7th week of surgery went well. i am soo not going to go through this again. please.super tired & stress. i just can't help it. as selfish as i sound, i need my friends to be besides me ALL THE TIME. but they can't they have their own life to live. & standing alone sucks big time.


Monday, May 9, 2011

When i'm too la(bu)zy to write..

this really made my day. hahah. i know it's unfair to still think my 10 years old sister's a kid. but she is! & she will always be the baby of the family. ♥

p/s : i'm having EXAM on wednesday >.< mohon doanya ya kawankawan :D

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

my mOther(s)! ♥

"say Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah, Thank you Allah for my mother....♥ "

hahahah. this picture never failed to steal my laugh. the second picta, my aunt already babbled to the kids in front saying not to spoil the picta while not realize yang belakang yang mengajar rupenye x_X aaaa. i miss them. EVERYSINGLEONE of them :')

to emak, & all emak in the world! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!
for everything you are about to endure as we grow up,  thank you! eventhough we always(ALWAYS) take it for granted & never satisfied.

for being my mum & my best aunt, THANK YOU. MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU GUYS WITH GOOD HEALTH ALWAYS. & dengan mendapat menantu yang baik hati, hensem serta kaya.(ehem).


Saturday, May 7, 2011


since today i have the whole day to myself, i'm going to update everything & lazying around before later, heading out with the wingman :D

the topic today is about twins! if you read my previous belog, back 3 years ago, i did write a post about my senior who looks a lot like me. yes, it was from the orientation story. & since now, we both become DM together, people keep confusing! even my wingman thought she was me =.=" especially when we both wear uniform =.="

the very first pic of me & k.huda. sumpah masa ni jengkel gila sebab k.huda pecahkan biskut orang. menangis tawu tak??!! gahahah. pastu kene paksa tangkap gamba dengan die plak >.<

ni masa sem berapa tah. okaylah. gamba ni nampak lah sama. terima jugaklah bila orang confuse #patdd.

in uniform. seriously. tang mana yang sama?

latest picta of we both. huu. since sekarang banyak fesyen selendang, jadi i memaksimumkan pengayaan supaya orang tak confuse sangat. tsk.

actually i don't really feel annoyed by this confusing thinggy. hee. but sometimes when you walk alone & suddenly people shout "mbak nurul...!" opocot tak ke terkejut. dah la nak cepat ade membe panggil, tapi bukan panggil kau. hekk.

anyway. have a nice weekend everyone! it's my first time not having to go to hospital. that's y i am here, writing this. tomorrow's mother day.will update a post for emak then. & again, i'm on duty on sunday =.=". well, whatever keeps me busy & less thinking about homesick.

take care, lots of love,

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Money Management

I asked emak to bank in some money for me to buy a new digital camera (yes,you read it right. I have polaroid,but didn't have a digicam YET). Well, this is my third time asking her & I end up not buying it(again) because I'm running out of budget last month! *sigh. & turns out this month we have Surabaya Shopping Festival due to Surabaya's anniversary (⌣_⌣")

I promise I'm going to save up next month *fingercross* I really do hate my money management. I can't differentiate which one I want or I need. Whatever I want, I'll be needing it sometimes :P Ok, I need to marry a prince named harry . Seriously.

P/s : they said that money can't buy happiness. But I rather cry in a BMW than on a bicycle (⌣_⌣")

P/ss : mak, this is your trait. te hee. anyway, you are the best. I ♡ you :)

*mode berangan*

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