Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye is always the hardest part.

Hye. Hye. Heyyo!
Well, 2011 is going to end soon! & it's been an awesome year to me! Alhamdulillah.
Been busy lately,too busy that I didn't have time for myself. But I had fun. I create the busy-ness so I don't have to feel the pain & it works :)
So 2011 bring me to the right people. I met someone new. Actually few new friends. & it makes me realize how mess I am. I haven't open my heart & I've been blocking my mind for such a period of time. Really. The last time I make new friend is I can't recall when. Until someone came to me & said "saffy, we haven't really get to know each other kan. It's been 3years since I know you by name only". Cruel Surabaya. It create a paranoid Saffy.
They say you don't fully lived until you live outside your comfort zone. But I think, living outside your comfort zone for too long is tiring & not good though. So,I make a move. I move out with my bestfriend. I feel more home! It's been so long since the last time I feel at ease. I just need more positivity! I don't want to elaborate about it just so nobody's get hurt,but as dramatic as it sound, I am more happier now :)
2011, At one point or another,it did changed me. A lot. May be not in a way that everyone will think I'm better, but I am happy with myself.
They say everything happens for a reason. You just have to agree & see for yourself how wonderful the reasons is.
Well, thanks for the memories 2011!
You're surely gonna be missed ♡

Sekian laporan dari kamar DM jaga dermatovenerology RSD Dr Soetomo, Surabaya :)

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Beauty Conscious

Hye, Assalammualaikum, Hello.
since i'm in dermatology department, let's talk about beauty.
before we get straight to beauty, i'm going to share with you guys my idea of being beauty.
i started to use face soap since i'm in standard 5 (11 years old). i was so ngadengade ask my mum to wear face wash to feel beauty & the only soap my mummy gave me is this;
& i guess it works. i, among my friend didn't have that much pimples problem back then. but this isn't enough,  i want to be more whiter, so i curik2 buy this cream to go with this susu kambing; 

and yes, i'm satisfied. my sister & i have a lot of memory with fair & lovely because we were too young back then, going to shop ourselves & so shy that the shopkeeper would judge us =.=" so pegi kedai main tolak2 suruh tanya uncle tu ade jual "felopi" tak. hahah. memories.
i used both this product quite long, setia gila tak tukar. because the price is cheap & it works on me. until i'm in matriculation college year and until i come here to Surabaya i still use this.that is when i'm 18 years old. 7 years. wow! i did try another product like garnier, ponds, but my face become dry. so i stick with less chemical product like this two.

then, i change to this. what makes me change? because i can't get the maintenance in Surabaya. & since i started to wear foundation, & i think the cream already immune with my face, so i try this;
i used this until i don't feel the effect. so my friend suggest me to wear something more chemical effect. guess what? it works. i don't have the picture of the product i used, it called "cream India". it gives satisfaction. so konon2 dah cantikla. but i'm still worried because that product look illegal. i used 2 times only. thanks god. want to know why? i tell you why later.

then my other friend advice me to use this product. yes my name as the label. hahah. this is more safe than the cream india. but i think since the cream india already effected my face, so this product also not work =.="

then my sister suggest this; same product company, different work effect or so. i am satisfied. until as i state earlier, i can't get this product at Surabaya.
so, my last choice is this; & turns out this is the most safest cream & face wash i ever use =.=" i went to London Beauty Center that day meet the doctor & she prescribe me this, depends on my type of skin. i feel more mature >.<
that's my story of beauty. i didn't realize i changed my beauty product that much >.<
konon yg sekarang ni cantik dah lah? errr... krikk..

ok, what i want to discuss is the effect of using all these cream. Surprisingly, all this cream can lead to skin cancer. hah. how? especially the cream india i used. bought that from somewhere i don't know. the effect is so fast, i feel beauty. without realizing, if i use it regularly & overdose, i lost my skin melanin which is important to help protect my skin from UV light from the Sun.& if my skin lost the melanin & have no protector, that will easily lead to skin cancer. hah. scary tak? nak putih sangat kan >,< moral of the story is; never try any product without the doctor consultation. especially the one that haven't passed the sirim quality(in Malaysia).

now you realize how important to have that melanin that make your skin dark kan? habis takkan tak boleh putih pulak kan? here are the solution; not the BB cream actually, but the sunblock. My doctor suggest for SPF 30, but this BB cream is SPF 26. ok la kot. don't use more than SPF 30 except under your doctor advise. what's with this SPF(Skin Protector Factor)? it's not about how deep it protect your skin, it's about how long you need the cream to protect you from the Sun. & for your information, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT CREAM OF THE DAY. especially to Asian girl like us,that expose to the sun everyday.
penjagaan muka memang paling penting. because as fake as "do not judge people by it's look" quotes, PEOPLE WILL JUDGE YOU FROM YOUR LOOK. truth hurt darling, but it's better that the best dressed lie.

ahahah. & i'm having exam in 4 days! 
I. desperately. need. inspiration.
but well, this is some of my exam question actually.hiks.
till i write again, 
have a long nice weekend reader!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kebanggaan ayah & ibu :)

seriously you made us proud. 
& you make me homesick moreeeeee. teringat result PMR i. blur gila sebab kat sekolah baru, kawan tak ramai, jadi kemeriahan hanya dikongsi dengan keluarga je. rinduuu, mak, nak balik, nak carik result PMR balik nak happy balik macam dulu. everyting seems undercontrol atm.

well, i am happy for her because all this while it's me who pick & send her to school before i come here. i hantar pergi sekolah, dia pergi mekdi. paham tak perasaan masa tau budak ni betuah betul =.=" but when i tell mak, mak keep quite. she said it's her time, i am as naughty as that too dulu. fine.

mak always know the best thing to say & to make us not fight each other. lepastu bila semua berbaik suka tinggalkan mak =.=" it must be hard being the mother to all of us. 
& if today is Mother's day in Indonesia, fiza, you already gave mak the best present ever for giving us life :)

diorang cakap muka kitorang sama. & the fact that her height is about to be talled as mine is seriously unfair >..< duduk Surabaya ni i jadi pendek ke camna tah.

tapi sebenarnya jadi yang paling kecik best jugak. mudew remajew sentiasew :P

hahaa. rajennyalah i update belog lately kan? well, i miss home.
the fact that no wingman here double the sicknessss.
i need someone to talk to. not to get response or what, just someone who can hear me talk & talk about the same shit everyday without getting annoyed :(
wingman is so far. they already got an issue to deal with. it's unfair to still being spoil friend to them.
a week more saffy. we can do this! insyaAllah.

wtyl, XO

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Little Lina & misz Sarahh ♥♥♥

last month, daddy & mummy come visiting me here on November 23rd. it was little lina's birtday! daddy didn't realize she put a notes in daddy's laptop. until he saw this folder...
ahaha. was it obvious? of course la siapasiapa nampak pun memang dengan fearlessnya akan kelik jugak. & as always, she's writing her diary. she loves writing diary. like love, love. just give her diary as a present, you'll just put a smile on her face. but make sure it's a fancy one.memilih jugak >.<
so daddy was the first to read. & she write this on the first page! hahaha.
paham tak? paham tak? she knew her daddy & annasdosying siblings still gonna read it eventhough the title was "do not read" with "pleasee!!" followed. ok, we are annasdosyingly awesome :P

so it's her birthday that day, everyone is writing & posting a video to her wall. so did my sister Sarah, without feeling guilty, she post another video & said "lagi best kalau ade orang hantar ni!!" maksudnya? jahahahha.
she's turning 10. & still the baby of the family. i know it's unfair to still treating her like kids. being annasdosying to her like she's still 7 or 8 kan. she's so innocent that everytime i viewed her fb, i get carried away & homesickk :(

now look who's big enough to be on twitter? & the first tweet is dedicated to her most gorgeous sister :P

& today, it's my eldest sister birthday! rasa macam baru last year wish dia bday, ttiba bday dy lagi. well, for being annasdosying not replying any tweet or bbm, this is for you two.
 yes, of course this picture had story. hahah.this is how annasdosying my sibling is =.=" but hey, i survived! but if she read this, i'm screwed :P

 here the better picture. idk why this picture rosak. dah upload kali ke5 still cacat.=.="

i wish her a better year of 2012. please change your title to MRS. asap so i don't feel guilty if i want to get married anytime. takde susa2 nak langkah jendol ngeheee :P

All this making me homesick. mummy sending a picture of them on vacation last weekend.
i miss homeeeeeeeeee.i miss themmmmmmmmm.
oh bulan, jangan layan diriku lagi pabila aku mula homesickkkk.
so, have a great week everyone.
exhale hate, inhale loveeee;
One day you'll just be a memory for some people. Do your best to be a GOOD one.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

knock, knock, who's there?

2 post in a day! please be proud of me >.<
& the reason for that, is THIS!

yes, my kind of drug at the moment. referring to my post last 3 month, i am kindda addicted to this cake called RED VELVET! ohmyy, if you never taste it, you are a loser , i suggest you go & find one at nearer places. heh. the point is, IT'S FINALLY HERE! AT SURABAYA!!!
kalau orang pregnant mengidam, boleh la kau maafkan, tapi sebenarnya kalau medical student mengidam, kau kene bantu jugak. kesian dia nanti tak dapat nak fokus study, =.="

so, today, taraaaaaa. THIS CAKE COMES TO MY DOORSTEP!!!! :D :D :D

OH MY GOD, THIS CAKE IS AS DELICIOUS AS IT LOOKS!! cokelat dy memang marvellous. & for that, i thanked my friend. i am such a spoil friend i tell ya. that is why my friend is the best. macam kau tak payah ada boifren pun takpe sebab ada kawan macamni.

this made my day, or my week, perhaps ! :D
Dear Weekend, keep treating me niceeee~~*

p/s : hye you from Egypt, UK, & Netherlands. thanks for dropping by sometimes. do leave comments, i don't bite, i ate chocolates & Red Velvet :P
p/s : yang all over from Malaysia & Indonesia too, have a lovely weekend! :)


I love chocolates. Like love loveeeee ♡
I can go with chocolates smell all over my body.
Chocolate Spa, chocolate shampoo, chocolate soap, the cocoa lotion, chocolate perfume or even cocoa lip balm!
It makes me feel at ease. Amazing how chocolate can turns my smile upsidedown,no? by just the smell.
kalau makan or minum lagilah kan.

#2 if someone can make me feel the way chocolate does, I'm gonna marry him.

Lovely weekend y'all :)

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I can be tough, I can be strong.

so, the day have finally comes. they're leaving to Jombang.taking half of my life with them. hahah. ironic, but i am lost. knowing the fact there's no one to plan the weekend with. no place to crash when i want to escape from reality. this is the phase of life i want to escape :(

but it is unfair for me to be sad for them, no? i should let them have their own adventure experience. i do wish the best for them. but i still gonna miss them, especially when life being cruelly unfair to me. which lately it did. maybe i should take life less seriously. nobody's get out alive, anyway, no? but without them in Surabaya, i officially have no life.

argh, this feeling suckss :(
big time.
let's starts the countdown, 16 days to go~

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Menghapus Jejakmu

Jalan pikiranmu buat ku ragu, tak mungkin ini tetap bertahan.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


i do have problems with how to spell anest correcly >.< do i have to end it with anesthesiology or just anesthetic or anastesi. well, it's all the same. as confusing as how i want to spell anest correctly, that is how it confuse my life. ironic. hello, this is Surabaya. my life is more dramatic when i'm here.

i completed my anest lab on 3rd of december. it's already DECEMBER baby. how times flies. so far, this is the most enjoyable & relaxable lab i've been to. i admit, i'm not that patol in being a DM, but in anest, i am =.=" the only stase i created my schedule myself. & the best part is i never get caught. never. & please, to my junior if you read this, that's not something to be copy or proud of. pfftt. hahah.

but the shift was exhausted. really are! the stase started at 7am and end at 3pm! and we've been asked to on call at 3 stase from 5pm to 6.30am the next morning. the stase was at Operation Theatere, ICU, & resusitation. 3 shift at 3 stase. in approximately 3weeks. imagine how hectic that was. dealing with the worst condition of patients in hospital. scary but interesting.

i remembered back then when i'm on interview, they asked me " why do you want to be a doctor?" one of my answer is "saving people's life" & i really meant when i say it. the best part of being a doctor is saving the life of a critical patient. i won't say it's like a game, but that's how it feel like, not that i am game with people life. you know what i meant >.<
and if you must know, anaestesi teach us how to make people less suffer from pain, how to inject a sleeping dose & reanimation legally with a paper called inform consent. so nigga, don't you ever mess with me. i knew how to kill people legally. hahah.

#that moment when you successfully sucking blood from a coma patient for BGA test.
#that moment when you do the CPR & the patients pulse is back
#that muscle you get after bagging a patients for 3hours =.="
#that moment you watched real drama in front of your eyes but you have to control your own feeling.
#that moment when you have to annoy patient legally so she won't loss her conscious
#that feeling you got when you work with the handsome maher zen. eh? hahah.

all in all, anesthesi is so fun! that i got addicted to it & i almost lost everything i almost earned. i want to blame the schedule. or the weather. or maybe there's some anesthesi gas leak out of the Operation Theater. blame all i want as if it'll change anything. i knew it changed me.they say life is what happen while you busy making your excuses, well i say "life is what happen while you busy enjoying what you love most, & forget to take care of what you already had"

well, it's the memory i want to remember the rest of my life. even that's what drifting us away.
till the next post or pose,