Sunday, January 22, 2012

Positive Sunday! ♥

Jangan gentar mengejar mimpi,
Yakin berani percaya diri,
Dan mula dengan elok.
Jangan takut jatuh ke bumi,
Bingkas bangun melangkah lagi,
Kedepan lari dan terbang menuju bintang,
Hanya kau saja yang bisa menentu arah hidupmu.


Live from Ruang Merpati & Ruang Merak RKRB RSUD Dr. Soetomo.
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Last Friday Night! :D

i am in my excited mood, still, while writing these! :D
so, where do i start? where do i start? whoot! ok, let's start with making a plan.
& let's hope i am too rajen to write the whole story rather than asking you to make a story yourself out of the picture uploaded. mihmihmih.

so, it started last week. that's explained why i'm soo busy & not updating cik belog.out of our(me & my housemate memerangkap wingman 2) galauness, we decided to throw a party for other wingman's 24th birthday! so the plan started. but it wasn't that hard since we are so freaking busy with our DM's life. plus cik waggizo(the other wingman) is kind of blur innocent type. hahah.

let's the picture tell the story...

& the day comes. it was January 20th. lot's of changing plan! hahaha.luckily tak suspicious sangat, but still, cik waggizo kindda turn off jugak because everyone pretending to be sick & busy & no outing plan for this year. memang rare! hahah. so, i have a video of the surprise moment. but the internet too lemot to upload, so we skipped the part. waggizo is babbling about her clothes! hahaha. gotcha, sebab birthday dia, kene la buli sikit kan. p/s : she haven't take her after class bath yet T_T

 well, proudly said, i cook all of them :D the main menu was Nasi Lemak, Pengat Durian & Karipap! ehehs. of course with the help of my housemate aka wingman ;) i started making the karipap on thursday, & woke up at 6 for the sambal. & yeay, it taste like mum's. I SWEAR! hahah.ok, mak masak lagi sedap T.T
the pengat & nasi was cooked right after class. the rice spoiled at first! hah, gelabah kau. luckily it comes into shape after few minutes. #thatgelabahmoment.
biasa la. this is my first time handling the party & food. biasa kalau kat sini, cik waggizo yg jadi chef, sampai part macamni, i still bbm her asked x_X pretending it's my Indonesian friends want to know how to cook. hahah :P but well, the karipap not as jambulsmurf as before tau -oo-
tapi cik yang bertanggung jawab goreng karipap datang lambat, jadi, karipap adalah after party's food. huu.

& guess what? the party didn't end just like that. hehehs. we brought the party to Tunjungan Plaza! :D to "Misteri Gedung Tua" aka haunted house. THIS is another story to be told tau. hahahha. imagine,while lining up to enter the "haunted hospital" (memang DM takde kerja), there are 2 group before us, come out fainting. 2, 3 orang okay pingsan! adrenaline rush betul -oo-
& we, come out laughing our arse off on the floor like no one business. gahahhahahhaha * i , still laughung while writing this*
& later, we had jcool. yeay! the best of the best part :D

all in all, i can sum up yesterday as a definition of bliss! i am truly the happiest person seeing her happy :D
MY PARTY WAS A SUCCESS! yeayyy. hahhaha. i am soo gonna plan another party later. out of my galauness KOT. huha. at the end of the day, i got a kiss :* hehehs.

 The Mastermind! :D

The Wall Of Fame!
yang banyak merapu =.="

so, as the picture of last night ended up online, i realize how fat i become. ayy, tak suka. camna nak buang pipi labuh ni T_T
i started to think how heartless i am nowadays, that nothing can influence me. give me 1000 problems, i still can laugh at whatever shit that happens. like seriously, it's just me! huha.
so, have a nice weekend everyone! thanks for reading, or just scrooling through the picture pun wa okay.
Take Care,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11 January

Until I figure out how to forgive myself, then you have to wait. Or quit. Your choice.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wrong Turn

So, i thought u-turn will solved everything.but then, i'm still lost.
maybe, facing the roadblock is the answer.

"Semakin Allah mencintai kita,Semakin kuat dugaan yg diberi kepada kita"

have faith Saffy.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Hello 2012!
Typical first post on the new year usually is about a list of resolution,kan? So, what's mine?
Frankly, I have no time to think about my new resolution, did my last year achieved? Hehee. Again,don't have time to check the list! (˘_˘")
What I know is, last year, I am one step closer to where I am right now. To be right on track, somehow feels awesome! Alhamdulillah. Yes, 2011 change me so much in a good way, that I feel blessed & bliss. & I think that make my last year resolution checked!
& this year, I'm going to do moree, I'm going to finish what I started since 2007! The main goal for my resolution is ;
FINISH MEDICAL SCHOOL! InsyaAllah. Please do pray for me,ok?

Gamba tak nampak firework sangat. Tapi nampak tak firework dalam hati. Lolz.
Night! ♡