Sunday, March 18, 2012

Awesome March, 14th

let's talk about march, 14th. the day i turn twenty*cough* by age. hiks.
the day starts just like another day, but full of wishes. i got like thousand wishes from facebook, twitter, bbm, whatsapp, directly, & undirectly. & guess what's the funniest part? i forgot to bring my maxis number & abah tried to reach me via that number. abah!! *geleng pale*
& as clumsy as i am, yesterday only i realized the sms & missed calls from abah -oo-.

pediatric successfully killed me. i don't really feel like celebrating my birthday, so, when one of my friend asked to switch duty, exactly on the night of my birthday, i said yes. only to realize i'll be facing some killer prof the next day while morning report! to make the story perfect, my patients that night was 18! i am officially the coolest doctor who'll be having lots of patients if i ever open a clinic *AMINN* -oo-

the day started nice, & it lead to some stressful afternoon. i was so stressed, i almost cried. i skipped a tutor with my registra(PPDS) that day just to come home & get some sleep so i can deal with the heavy duty at night. it was pathetic. i felt pathetic. more dramatic when my shift started with some noisy mother calling me "missy(nurse)" & angrily said that our hospital service is so lembab. i was like hello, you were at RSUD Soetomo kot. what do you expect! luckily my registra was there & asked the mother to be more patient. i almost cried! it was really a hell of a shift. i swear! i should've cried that day. & suddenly,one of my friend, who was on shift at ICU at the pediatric ward come to ER & force me to company him eating at the canteen. it was really a nice coincident when he came at time where there's no patient. sangat kebetulan.

i was so busy babbling to him about the rude mother when we reached the ER canteen. i saw no one(ok, i was kindda expect something though :P).& right before we entered the door, i saw everyone. awh, there i stand, speechless. really SPEECHLESS. "hey, korang buat apa kat sini?" hahah. that was my first word & then i saw the cake. ohmy, it is my birthday! & the candle is 13! hahahah. they decorated the place with lot's of candle, THAT, WAS ROMANTIC! :P
i always wonder how am i gonna live without them. it was amazing how they can turn my day upsidedown by only being there! let's enjoy the picta. it was only few of it, because the place is dark & the lighting is not nice.

that was the keji-est moment. i'm still on duty kot! & it was coke!! *kejar ninon*

pizza & cakes! :D

the sunshines & the wingman :)

adegan ini hanya berlaku untuk perempuan sahaja untuk mengelakkan saham jatuh :P

& then, there's second surprise of the day! awhh, i really felt appriciated.

 looking back through the picture, i feel awesome & cool. mihmihmih. it's really something to be remembered kan? celebrating birthday while on-call, wearing those ugly uniform -oo-. i knew people said i'm crazy. one of my friend did beg me to change the shift though. hahah. saya memang degil.

so, what's the wishes for turning twentyfour ?
hahah. i don't really think of any. i just wish this, my DM life, successfully end so soon.
and i wish all of your wishes for me comes true though.
& yes, if ever Allah want to grant me one wish, i would asked him to make me more patient & stronger.

sesungguhnya menjadi seorang yang suka marah dan kurang sabar sebab terlalu stress tu tak best :(

sekian laporan 143 saya untuk hari ini.
5 weeks more in pediatric! me already dead. besok jaga ward. tak suka.
to the rest of you, have a nice week!  ♥

Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Story

So it didn't go to plan 
It's hard to understand 
But now I know this is just our story 
I will set out on my way 
You're never in one place 
And now I can learn to walk before we, 

Run away to the sin, 
It's just me 
It's just you 
One day at a time 

When nothing's for sure 
We can throw the past away now 
Cause we don't need it anymore 
One day at a time 
Cause I still believe that it's ours for the taking 
I know that we can make it one day 
At a time 

Yeah, we hear it from our friends 
They tell us how this ends 
But they don't know this is not their story 
I know we will find a way 
We're gonna be okay 
Cause I'm here 
You don't need to worry 

Now all we should be 
Is just you and me 
One day at a time 

When nothings for sure 
We can throw the past away 
Cause we don't need it anymore 
One day at a time 
Cause I still believe that it's ours for the taking 
And I know that we can make it 
One day, One day at a time 

We'll flee the memories like the dark, the in between 
I want everything 
And love I know will carry us 
With you I'll always have enough 
We'll work together through this life 
One day at a time 

So It didn't go to plan 
It's hard to understand 
But now I know this is just our story 

One day at a time 
When nothings for sure 
We can throw the past away now 
Cause we don't need it anymore 

We've got the rest of our lives 
and I still believe that it's ours for the taking 
and I know we're gonna make it 
one day, one day at a time 
one day at a time


Sunday, March 11, 2012


yesterday is history.
& my yesterday is some ohsem history.why?
for the first time, after 2weeks i entered pediatric, i was completely happy doing my shift.
& the reason is, ahah, that FARID KAMIL FIGURE! mihmihmih.
he is so damn smart & cool. he teach & help me understand pediatric. eventhough all i do is watching his FARID KAMIL FACE! :P
at first, i was shock. gila ke nak kerja dengan dia ni. tercabut jantung duk usha muka camna? :P :P
& the shift goes well. too well actually that 12 hours only felt like 2 hours =.="
for the first time, i am happy in pediatric. all the stress is gone & i really hope, this, will boost my mood for the whole nextweek! ahah.
ok, please Saffy, he's married. his wife gonna kill me =.="

& yesterday, it remind me of you.
i remembered how annoyed you are everytime i told you how happy i am when i bumped into him.
i remembered how mad you are when i told you he made my day :P
i remembered how you don't want to talk to me but still accepting my skype-video.
i remembered how you have to cool down yourself because of naughty me ;P
how do you do that? you put up with me perfectly. through good & bad.
they say you never really realize what you had until it's gone.
i try so hard to convince myself, there's a reason behind all this.
but in the end, i always failed to make room for new one, i swear i tried.
it wasn't easy. because i already love the imperfect flaws in you, & then it still didn't work.
they say times will heal, i guess two years is still not enough time yet.

if loved you is a mistake,
then it was the beautiful mistakes that i made.
& i never regret.
as they say again, yesterday is history.
yes, you are one of my ohsem history. & that is what you'll ever be.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Powerpuff Girl.

hello Sunday, or should i say goodbye already?
it's been a week. pediatric is as hell as they told.
you know the time you gave up your bedtime & try your best to stay awake helping the patients,
& in the morning, you get thank you from them. it did heal half of the tiredness.
what about when you help the bossy doctor,
& right when you asked to leave because your shift finished,
she said "loh kamu dik, ga bantu apa2, cuma aku yg buat semua sendiri"
yeee. jaga pediatric jangan pakai hati. that's what they told me.
suwun ya doc.

the tiredness is killing me. i am a positive person. i tried.
i take every responsibilities & do it my way so i'll love what i do.
or i'll force myself to.most of the time, i use force.
thank to this force, i cough so badly.until my back hurt.
2 bottles of cough medicine down the system & i still cough like mad old women.
worst is, the patient's parents can't take away their eyes of me when i'm coughing -oo-
I tried honey, & hot water, & i was fit in no time. how do i forget about this?
i absolutely gonna make honey my daily supplements soon.

"You never know how strong you are, until life gives you no choice and your forced to be your own hero"

thanks for the pain, it makes me stronger.
thanks for the scar, it reminds me that it did happened.
thanks for the memory, good or bad, it makes me who i am today :)

p/s : Hello March, i know you always be my favourite month. please don't change that.