Friday, June 29, 2012

Penghulu Segala Hari :)

Now tell me, who won't put the brightest smile when they had this on the list?

Have a nice weekend!
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Meet Me Halfway

It's been 5weeks! Luckily this lab has 10weeks before we sit for the exam. But that shouldn't be an excuses Saffy =.=" because honestly, I haven't learn anything yet. except for cardio, which right now, I'm sure I already forget half of it. OMG, what's happening?

You want to know what's happening? let me tell you what.
Me myself also not sure what's happening. What I know is one day I wake up feeling like "Hello brand new day, let's get this over with asap" and the next, I'm still on the bed, playing plant vs zombie, or temple run or sally's saloon, or the smurf T.T
& then I look at the time, shit it's already 6.30am! Morning Report at 7am. I'm late! I'm late! I'm late! then I texted my friend, pretending that I just woke up and they were like, "How long do you need to get ready? Morning Report only starts at 8am." 5weeks already Saffy, how can you forget! Oh, that small heart attacked -oo- *continue on the ipod*

And then the days started with morning report, then breakfast, before we started our clinic shift. One of us usually pay first for breakfast & we'll divided later. & yes, it always me who have to split the bill. it's rp105k means each of us need to pay rp35k. I already paid rp50k, fit paid rp100k. so we got rp45k for the balance. i took rp15k for me & there left rp30k for fit. WHERE HAVE THE MONEY GOES? fit supposed to get rp65k for the balance! rp30k + keshy owe him rp15k. There is a mistake. I confidently argue that THERE'S A MISTAKE. and then they knocked my head. saffy, keshy owe fit rp35k! oh, okay.
(This was one boring spoil mathematics story, isn't it? -oo-)

This is somehow the way my body telling me that I had enough. I'm giving my life away into this, that it ate my brain slowly. like zombies *insert laugh here*.
Today, i woke up with FLU! finally. after so long. I though those virus hates me that they never visited me in a while #patdd.
& this is most probably happen after my very first shift in interna's ward. *sigh. and there's 4 more interna's ward shift to go. I really need to pay more attention to myself rather than my plants on the Smurf ._.

This is how my weekend started. Down with flu on Friday, and 7am-7pm shift on Saturday & Sunday. Sound fun huh? trust me, it'll be more fun than it sound *please smell some sarcasm here*
& Please pray that i survived. I HAVE TO! ZARA is on sale this week!
See, I'm completely happy & enjoying with whatever life's throw me. That, somehow makes me worried. shouldn't I? But I guess, for now. i'll enjoy it while I have it. or until it hits me harder =.=.
So, let's speed on gear two, shall we?

Is this faces fits the criteria of a future doctors face already? truth or dare? I couldn't care less.
Have a blossom weekend, cause I know you will.
XO :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Morning

"Atas nama hati yang masih retak disana-sini; maukah kau yang jadi perekatnya? Menjadikanku baik-baik saja, seperti semula." gila sweet. boleh pingsan sekarang :D

Reality strikes, I skipped a month! wow, yes I amazingly did =.="
Not that May being super nice or extremely cruel to me, but well, 
I swear i do want to write anything, but my mind only focus on one goal right now.
Until then, sorry to disappoint you.
But you can reach me via instagram ------>
hehee. I crazily upload about almost anything, when i get wi-fi :P

Spare some times to pray for my smooth journey of this medical school life okay :)
You guys are seriously the best.
Yes, you who get to read this :D
"Have a blossom nice day! ♥"
Imagine I said it with a mustache. kiki. bye~*