Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kek Bathek

Kek Bathek is actually "Kek Batik". Spelled that way so some random noobs, like me, who wanted to google for these recipe don't end up at my blog. hahah.
I love kek batik! Eat it few times & I think I can finish a whole tray by myself if nobody's looking. hewhew. Loved it so much that I never had chance to bake it. Yes, I bake pavlova, red velvet, orange cake, chocolate cake, few other recipe, but kek batik, NEVAH. not even crossed my mind nor heart!

So, one day, my two younger annoying sister send a pic of kek batik they bake. & I was like " ape ni? koko crunch keras ke?" hahaha. Noooooob. (I once thought noob was pronounce no-ob T^T)
I seriously don't have any idea that, was a picture of kek batik, from top. demmit. So they call me a loser. FINE.

I have really a bad habit of forcing someone to try new things with me, ok, new for me not them. Since I'm stranded here with no wingman *straight face*, So, I excitedly asked Aizzi, my ex housemate to help me out. haha. My annoying siblings must be glad they don't have to be my victim this time. haha.
I Google out few kek batik recipe. Apparently it don't use any oven to bake! =,= & guess what? everyone was like "kek batik kek paling senang nak buat, dulu masa tingkatan 4 suke buat kek batik" say what?? how come I didn't know that kek batik is the easiest cake to bake alive(?). Where do I live? -..-

Last week, we(me & Aizzi) baked kek batik. Is it the correct word? I think it's "make" because "bake" is something you put in the oven no? (ga penting). My weak point in baking is not knowing the specific measure. "kau agak2 je". trust me, I can't! My wingman once get annoyed with me because I will specifically use a 250ml cup for 250ml water. Not more, not less, or else I'll stressing up worrying it'll ruin. ha ha. 
Aizzi bake kek batik her own way. So different from the one I googled, much easier I would say. Agak2 je letak planta, Agak2 je letak milo & Agak2 je letak susu. & I was like "senang nye" "cukup ke. kita baca dekat internet dia cakap 250g planta." "kita baca milo letak 3 sudu je." <--being annoying again. haha. And wallah, Aizzi's kek batik turn out perfectly. & I ate it aloneeee. ok, Aizzi had few bite, but I finished it up. I am cake batik die hard fans.

And then, today comes. I eagerly want to try my very own version of kek batik. haha. So, I tried =.="
This is why I told you I hate a recipe without specific measure. haha. I accidentally pour a little too much water. huaaaa. & the concentrated milk apparently finished. hah, gelabah. So the 15minutes (or less) recipe become 30minutes(or more) because I have to wait until it becomes "pekat" like Aizzi's. huaa. I have to put more Milo & susu tepung to make it work. After few minutes calming down myself & telling myself DON'T THROW IT, IT STILL CAN WORK, the meringue become "pekat". Adoi, that mini heart attack betul.

But still, can you guys see the difference!!

Sumpah tak taulah camna rasa dia. And this time I don't mind eating it all by myself. No sharing with others -..-
Dahlah, I'm done trying kek batik for now. Adios, amigos.

Aizzi's delicious recipe.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ada Apa Dengan Duabelas

In a group discussion this morning, which I apparently come 5 minutes late..
" Ok, Safiah, gimana kamu mendiagnose pasien ini?"
"Kamu udah punya pacar?"
"err..iya doc" T.T
"Pacarmu orang Malaysia juga?"
"hehe... iya doc"
"Dokter juga?"
"iya.." *krikk*
"Kamu ga mau cari pacar orang Indonesia?"
*senyum kambing*
"Sama orang Indonesia aja"

In a clinic which I come to consult a patient to PPDS
"dik, usiamu berapa?"
"hah? 24 doc"
"kok belum menikah?ibu ini loh baru 21 anaknya udah 2"
-.-" *krikk*

In a clinic while anamesa a patient
"oh, itu bukan suaminya?"
"bukan mbak, suaminya uda meninggal. Suaminya mana?"
"hah? katamu uda meninggal"
"maksudnya suaminya mbak. Di Malaysia ta?"
"hoi, aku belum nikah loh ya"
"oh belum, rek, mbaknya belum nikah"
-.-" maksud loe?

Hello Surgery! Time to fake those smile & live this typical question. It's only 3days! got 3weeks and a half to go. Ingatkan Staff dengan PPDS je, junior pun sebok nak tau. haishh. I should just get married already.
The price I have to pay for repeating this department ALONE.

It's been a year. Hey December, be nice please? :)