Saturday, February 2, 2013


So, this is it. I've been insomnia for almost a week now. Only tonight, the heart beats peacefully :) but why can't I sleep well tonight?? T.T

Had my Yudisium yesterday. My very last yudisium. It changes everything. I am now officially graduated from medical school!! Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah :) It was one funny moments though,we all laugh through the ceremony.
I'm happy for myself. I wanted to say I'm proud,but I'm not :( .I work hard to get to where I am right now. But somehow deep inside I can't erase the frustration I felt because I knew if I do better, I suceed long time ago. Tipulah kalau xde rasa camtu kan. Trust me, jadi dokter tu tak senang.

But then I remember this all happened with Allah's will. It felt wrong to feel frust when I know no matter how hard I tried, if Allah said it wasn't my time yet, I will still be on hold. Because again, Allah's plan is always better than mine. I know it's hard. It does feel unfair. One by one of us left. We feel loser at times. Tapikan kita percaya dengan rukun iman yg ke6. Percaya pada qada' dan qadarNya. Janji Allah itu pasti. Have faith in Him, you'll be surprise with the miracle that could happen.

Dear friends and reader, whenever you fel like giving up, don't give up! You guys almost reach the finish line. Takde beza pun yg dah lulus dulu dengan lambat. We all will get there eventually.
I got so many "bestnye dah habis dulu" today. Padahal I am the last kot from my sunshine and my wingman. Hence, I can't sleep and come out with this post. Lol.

But don't get me wrong. I am so grateful with what I have. My sunshine and my wingman is the greatest miracle that ever happened to me. Not once they make me felt like I was left behind. For them, I still stand and live through the end. No one will ever put up with such stubborn selfish emotional me like they do. Many left though. But not them. Everyday they remind me I'm better than what I thought I am. Again all praise to Allah for giving me the best people to lend on.

So i guess this is the last post from Surabaya :) 
This is how it felt. No returns tix! 
Good Night ♡

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