Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Freak Out

Hye! March is almost come to an end. I've been busy enjoying my favourite month of the year!(alasan).
It's been a while. and yet, you guys didn't give up on my blog! *terharu.
I remember shutting down this site for 2 or 3 weeks kot. hee. Blame the laziness I sow over the holiday, we grew fat together. K T.T

So, my penggelaran date is set to 17th of April. Finally. They wanted to set on 24th of April at first, then I kindda force my friend to slow talk with them to make it a bit earlier. Because we will have SPA interview somewhere in the end of April. Ok, freak out sekarang. And it turns out our dean also had plan in the end of april, so yeay, they make it a week earlier.

I'm not too stress about what I'm gonna wear during my penggelaran eventhought the date is set within a month! Short notice kunun. Because the first thing I did when I finished that day, was design my baju penggelaran. lol. taklah, it's because I don't have peplum kurung, and I'm dying to try to wear one, so I design one(why am I even explain). Tapi taklah cantik mana, me so damn sure my Indonesian friend will overdressed me. Apesal macam simple sangat design baju ni. argh, sila freak out sekarang.

I don't know why am I so relax until I realized, I have no tudung or selendang or jilbab to match the kurung. Damn it. That's when I googled online hijab shop. And to my surprise(NOT) the colours that I want is all SOLD OUT. hoi, colour ni trend ke hapee. I am so desperate, I even mail few of them asking "tudung warna ni dah takde ke? tak nak restock ek? tak kesian ke I xde tudung matching ni. *icon nangis*" and they proudly reply "sorry sis, kitorang tak restock dah. kalau nak, kene tunggu yang baru, design baru" FREAK OUT SEKARANG!!

luckily the under garment don't have to match, so we skipped those part. SHOES!! I confidently knew I have few heels to match the kurung. If you don't know I roughly own 10 heels and wedges. It wasn't a hobby or what, it's the SALE. damnyuh Surabaya, look what you did to me. and my pocket money. oh, I miss shopping in Surabaya! So, I thought I have heels that matched the kurung, oh well, I have. But I want a new one! because I miss shopping in Surabaya. lol. we'll see about that *check wallet sambil purapura freak out*

Then mummy asked, "dah book tiket ke belum?" "tiket balik je dah. Tiket pergi takde promo" then baru nak bukak airasia and tiger airways. apesal MAS stop flight KL-SUB. now we have not that much choice. To my surprise(NOT) again, there's no promo if it's within a month. ohemgee, ohemgee *FREAK OUT!*. Lucky for me, it's gonna be only mummy, daddy and me. And mummy trust me on her credit card. So, mak, mahal sikit takpe kan. sikitt jee. I confidently sure when i already paid, all that left for mummy to do is bebel. hee.

Now, the only thing I freaked out the most is actually the after penggelaran life I'm gonna live.
No more Khadat, no more Ros, no more Keshy, no more Fit, no more Shisty. Me. probably on my own. making new friends, new scandal, new mistakes, new experience, new life. This is the part where I hate new *sigh. The more I think about it, the more freak out I am. ish, tapi nak kerja, nak duit. mihmihmih.

This is a long comeback, no? ;)
So I guess I'll write whenever I freak out. that's the perfect timing for my mind to utter the thought into words. and my finger is in their best mood to dance. lol.
have a good week y'all.
stay aca-wesome ;)
Night ♥