Thursday, May 9, 2013

Second chance

I spend almost three-four-five days to write this post. So i hope this note will at least, a little, give you guys an information you asked for.

It was last saturday, I went to Optimax Eyes Specialist Centre, Sunway. And yes, for doing lasek/lasik to my eyes. Why Optimax? Because Optimax once open their branch in HUKM, which suggested by my dad's friend. My elder sister had her lasik in 2009. But now, Optimax is no more in hukm. They open few branch all over Malaysia, that you can come as they said, wherever you're comfortable with.

I had my first check up at Optimax TTDI. The first check up is to measure your cornea thickness, your exact min(power), your dazzle(silau), your anterior chamber (BMD), basically the thing I used to do while I was in Ophthalmology department! now I know how does it feel when someone makes your eyes blurry for a day -____-

Optimax offers 4 methods to do this lasik/lasek things. The result is all the same, only, the risk are different, and the price is also wayy different. The price is around rm1700-rm4000 each eyes. The first and second method are usually for person with thin cornea.The third and the forth is for person with thick cornea, only if they had choose these method, the second time they want to do lasik again, they can't choose these method for the second time. Yes, there will be second time if you don't love your eyes the way they should be loved. hahah. Optimax offers lifetime guarantee that if I ever have an astigmatism again, I can do it for free at the same branch. that's the benefit of Optimax ;)

So, They give me informations, the risk that I should take and what will results after the surgery. We discuss about my condition and they suggest the best laser treatment for my eyes. of course they suggest the first method which cost  rm4000 per eyes. But they say I can also use the cheapest one as my cornea is thick and my power is not that high.

The Operation day. I waited for almost an hour for my turn, eventhough I already had an appointment -___- I wasn't thinking about afraid or whatsoever at first. Until they called me to change to operation clothes. The changing room was cold! with operation clothes, and I, for making it more dramatic, had flu on that day. pfftt. There were me, and this one lady waiting for our turn. the nurse(?) who accompany us was a bit friendly, and chatty. hahah. She told that lady "don't worry, it'll be okay, giving birth is more painful than this". At that moment, I, started to worry and freak out T.T. diorang takpela, dah pengalaman beranak, aku?? *nangis*

That lady go in first. she had to do the first expensive method because her cornea is thin, I come to a conclusion it's because she use contact lens for a long time. lucky that I choose to do lasik rather than continue contact lens-ing. *sedapkan hati sendiri. And then the doctor comes to check on me and she gaves anesthetic on my eyes. She's a muslim and I feel a bit relief. Not that I being racist or what (it seems racist is a sensitive words nowadays, no?), but I prefer muslim as she'll recite 'bismillah' before begins the procedure.

As I walked into the operation room, I panicked. They asked me to lay on operation table. the nice nurse hold my hands as she knew what i felt. lol. And the procedure begins. I have to warn you ; YOU'LL SEE THE WHOLE PROCEDURE!!. because it was your eyes we're talking about. haha. but the procedure was fast. really fast. I remembered having to look to the red light and have to try your best to stay! in a second you'll experience darkness but keep on looking there, and after you can see again, it'll be blurry. and you saw the doctor wipe your eyes with stick, but of course you don't feel anything lah. and then they move to another eyes, you have to keep your eyes both open the whole procedure, so this will be the hardest part.

Not to worry about you closing your eyes while the procedure begins, because they'll stick your eyelashes with I-don't-know-what's-that. I remember almost giving up closing my eyes, but I can't close because the eyelid is wide open and there's ring in your eyes. The only pain I feel is when they place the ring in your eyes to make your cornea comes out. there's pressure at the moment. And Alhamdulillah, all went well. Congrats to me who can stay still for about 10 minutes with the help of the kind nurse touch. she hold my hand the whole procedure!

5 to 10 minutes after the operation, I didn't feel watery eyes or anything as they say it would. I just feel dry eyes. right after I'm in the car the eyes start watery. It's annoying, I can't open my eyes, all I want to do is lay down. the doctor told me to just close my eyes 3 to 4 hours after the operation.I did, but it didn't stop wateryyy. everytime I tried to open my eyes, it's like there's waterfall burst from my eyes(exaggerated). it went on and on until finally I slept out of exhaustion. mad! It's so annoying that I, at that moment, regret doing lasik. IF I KNEW I HAVE TO FACE THIS I RATHER WEAR LENS MY ENTIRE LIFE! (and giving birth is more painful the lady said. tsk)

I woke up that evening, the eyes stop watery. And that moment I, alhamdulillah, see clearly. OMG. it's like I've been birth again(exaggerated). lol. seriously, I prayed zuhur and thanks Allah for these second chance He gaves me. Dulu pernah jugak beranganangan "kan best kalau bangun tidur je boleh tengok jelas", now it's dream comes true. That night, daddy asked us to dine out. at first I worried, I might experience dazzle with the night light and cars(the side effects), but to my surprise i didn't. one thing you must know the side effect for everyone is different. But still, I used shades while driving at night for protection. haha. and yes, carrots and tomatoes are my daily supplement!

There's no medication after these lasik treatment. they gave pain killer just in case though. Only you have to use eye drops for every two hours for a weeks. And also antibiotics eye drops 4times/day. and follow check up after a day, a week, a month and three month after. and yearly. so whenever you get mins again, they'll know and you can do lasik again. Well, I might need to think about that, I hope I won't.

So, these is my lasik experience. Not that I write for a competition or what, just that I get a lot of questions and I hope this will answer. If you guys interested on doing lasik too, feel free to call your nearer Optimax Centre :
I hope this post gives you something. I wrote this wearing shades okay. A week sleeping with eyes shield, wearing shades in the morning, night, while watching TV, can't fell anymore P.Diddy than that. lol.
Till next post, bye~