Monday, July 22, 2013

Running Crush

Happy Ramadhan Kareem Awak!
macam lambat tapi lebih baik dari tak ucap lansung kan. hehs.

Guess what? I'm still jobless!
It's been freaking 6 month i've enjoying home. madness!
I gain few kilos and trying hard to lose more. tsk.
I spend most of my time catching up on Running man. It was from episode 140 when I first involved seriously. I start watch from episode 1, and now already on episode 133!
before the fasting month I watch about 5 to 6 episode a day, everyday. It feels like something missing if I can't watch Kwang soo for a day. hahah.
In fasting month, I only watched an episode a day. ok, sometimes two. hihi.

Anddd another mission is Candy crush! ha ha haa.
It's sucks to stuck on something that you can't finish. ishk. I was on level 364/365 when they upgrade and add more 100++ levels. damnit. when will I ever get over you candy pfftt.
The reason for my updating is also related to candy crush. lol.
after 364 levels, I only realized it's easier to play on the laptop rather than phone. but it's hard to cheat on life while playing on the laptop. hahah. so here i am, killing the time, waiting for the life i deserves (only people who play candy crush would understand this merepeksness)

My Kwang Soo :D
he got the height and the humors! two most important criteria I'd search in man. hew hew.

Frankly, I'm not into korean drama and kpop star and all, but runningman is an exception. teruk betul penangan giraffe ni. They're coming to Malaysia in September. I soooo want to go to their fan meeting. but the tix is way too expensive for a jobless like me *nangis*

Jadi, sempena bulan yang mulia ni saya nak menyusun sepuluh jari memohon maaf diatas segala ketelanjuran bahasa, kata, mahupun terkasar bergurau.
eloklah kiranya kita buat2 lupa dan memulakan hidup baru. eh? hehee.
Spread lovess, kill hate.
Let's gain more & more rewards in this holy month :)
Assalammualaikum ♥