Thursday, May 12, 2016


I hope this feeling, this place, everythings here for temporary only.
After all, dunya is also temporary place, no?

 So again, Hello Otolaryngology!
Thanks for the warm welcome from those seniors. 
Thanks for their patience. There's surely a lot to catch on.
I shall try to grab as much opportunities as I can :)

Oh Allah, ease my way, make my heart redha. InshaAllah.

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Yeah. I made a visit to me home over the weekend ^^,
Hahah. Making 3 hours drive felt like 30minutes away. Lol.
But again, driving or doing anything alone yucks :(

So, Hello Otolaryngology. Or known as ENT.
My MO(senior colleague) said my life is a dream.
When I report for duty that day, few ENT's MO leaving for master.
So, me being lucky, got the placement everyone fight for.
Not that I being ungrateful for the way life treating me, but IDK, this ENT is new for me. I don't feel right. I want ED so badly, that I almost cry forcing myself to enjoy ENT. Not being able to enjoy the adrenaline rush and have to study back all the small tiny anatomy things. Like seriously, I remembered passing anatomy over the fence kott.

But then, the bright side was working office hour sunday to thursday from 8am-5pm, break 1pm-2pm, oh on thursday we finished at 3.30pm :D
Passive call somemore. But then, because of this so relax department, it is sooo very difficult to apply for leave. I need leaves. I had like almost 40days of leave for whattt. I need to go back to me home for more than 2days(weekend on friday & saturday). Our weekend are different now. I need Sunday off every now and then! I want ED with shift working system. and easily applying leaves like nobody's bussiness.
I went to admin requesting for change. But again, we work for the needs, not for what we needs.

Dear God of Miracle, do this for me one more time.
And Dear God, if ever this is the best planned You had for me, ease my way and make my heart redha.

#istillneedyoutoprayforsaffy :(

p.s: Amazingly, I decided to buy apartment in JB. So excited to do the decoration. But only can move in within one month time. hope this will help me heal. Till then, buh-bye~

Monday, May 2, 2016


Live update!
Lol. I don't like this feeling :(
Trying so hard to be positive about this,
But awayyy from family yucks! How do people do this?
How do I survived 5.5 years in Surabaya??

Oh Allah, ease my journey. Make this adaptation a lot easier, or make me more stronger. You know best (:

P/s: already planned for KL bound this weekend. Question is, to drive or to fly? Hahah.
Ps/s: I'd upload a photo, but my internet is being hard on me. Hence, adding the melancholic mood. Pfftt.