Saturday, December 9, 2017

Life, Is A Process

OMG, it's been a while! haha. I think by now i shouldn't be OMG here and there because well, it's expected that this blog has been abandoned by me since I was too busy living and enjoy what life had to offer. Speaking of which I'm gonna write today. IDK where to start, but well, I'm gonna write anyway.

So work has been work. I'm 1year & a half + designated as ENT Medical Officer. Started with lots of tears (drama much), rebellious MO who doesn't want to learn anything, trying so hard convincing myself this is what Allah wants me to do, picking up all the pieces of puzzle and sealed it together and fake it until i make it. Here I am, pretty much a survivor. Until at one point my boss refuse to sign my transfer letter because he taught me so many things, he think I should pursue as an ENT surgeon. Which, frankly, I think NOT GONNA BE A GOOD IDEA!

A lot of my prayer has been answered this year. Alhamdulillah :) I'm gonna write details about it later.(on another post). But I am so grateful with where I stand right now. Alhamdulillah again. My twenty-seventeen resolution is almost all ticked this year. It's like i don't know what I've been doing in twenty sixteen that I can pretty much achieved a lot this year. I guess that's a miracle of "be thankful with what you have, He will give you more" Alhamdulillah <3

Earlier this year, my clingy GF keep on trying to talk me into writing about mission board, and law of attraction. Well, I give it a try. I guess at that time I thought, I got nothing to lose. And it worked! It's like when you have mission in life, you're directed to complete the mission. It's up to you to decide which and how you gonna live anyway. At the same time, get closer to the creator, I think, this year is my most istikharah year for me. I woke up every night at 3am for almost a month until I really convience myself this is what Allah wants me to become. Susah jugak nak puaskan hati ni :')

Every now and then, of course la I had my breakdown moment. It really helps a lot whenever it happen and I tell myself again & again,
" buat apa nak risau, Allah kan ada".
Keep on repeating this phrase until I feel calm. And really, miracle-ly everything will fall in it's place. Another way of calming myself down is listening to Ustaz Hanan Attaki on youtube (he's good okay). After all, I learn that nagging is not the only way to feel better. LOL.

At this point of mylife, I am soo can't wait for twenty- eighteen ;)

Sunday, March 19, 2017

M A R C H ! 1 4 3 :D

March has always been the best month for me,
well up to this year, still my favourite month <3

Work, has been work. Alhamdulillah, I manage to survived and stop nagging about it and starts working it out. Of course still having bad tears day here and there, but well, there's always a rainbow after the rain. case closed. Not that I'm settling down for ENT though. NEVER. LOL

Birthday has been awesome. hehee. It's kindda weird not celebrating it with family. I purposely not care about what I'll be assign to work on my birthday, my colleague scolded me for not requesting a day off on my birthday though. >.<
I was assign for OT assistant on my birthday. It was a long case to assist, and then, the OT closed due to GA machine problem! miracles do happen in March, aite? hehee. So, a lunch out with my colleague! everyone's happy. Well, no birthday cake (yet) for me this year. (I got a slice actually)

But then, this come in! Chocolates heaven!!

I never had this much of a bouquet, and gift since, forever kot! It's so weird that everyone making effort to give me something. I, truly appreciate it! especially, of course, the lily. I labelled it as cheating, but whatever, it puts smile on my face for a week kot! hehee, thank you awak!

I do received this earlier from my cucup!
He ran to me and said "mamayang, this is your birthday present"
His Mama told me they told him that they'll be getting mamyang a present, so cucup said this one is for me. And he remembered :'). so yeah, best birthday gift ever!
It was actually a paper bag je. hahah. but well, always the thought that counts!

It was surely the best March, 14th of my life. My life is still tangled here and there, but there is always something to be grateful for, right? It's been a while since my last picture post, but I think, this one sure deserves a post on my blog!

Can we like have March, 14th everyday? hehee.

Till then,

p/s : I shared all those chocolate with my colleagues of course. Don't dare to take up all the calories alone. LOL. But not the ferrero rocher la. I dont want to share it with anyone pun eventhough it'll take me forever to finish it up. hehee >D

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Airport

The sad thing about airport is,
People come and go.
Everyone is happy.
But nobody really stay.

Hello 2017.
My January went well so far,
Please make the rest of the year awesome too.